Sometimes I wish I could switch roles with you.

I’d tell you how much I’m into you and how I can totally see myself with you.

I’d say that I want to take things slow and start out as friends but that I’m open to the possibility of us being together.

I’d call you “baby” and kiss you and cuddle with you at night.

I’d make you feel special. Out of all the guys in our circle of friends, I’d single you out. I’d expect you to feed me when I’m hungry, come running when I call and stroke my ego when I need it.

When you start to get jealous of the attention I give to other guys, I’d reassure you that you have nothing to worry about.

When you start to get emotional over the fact that I’m not acting like I really want you, I’d remind you that “I’m not really trying to be in a relationship right now” and that “you knew where I stood when it came to relationships”.

About a month or so later, I’d realize that I, in fact, do want to be in a relationship.

When you get your hope up, I’d remind you that you and I are just friends.

Yes, I want to be in a relationship…but not with you.

Even though I led you on, I never intended to be anything more than your friend.

I just need you around when it’s convenient for me.

I need you to still want me even though I don’t want you.

I want you to be okay with this.


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