I Don’t Mind.

I wouldn’t feel so bad about the tears that flow from my eyes if I knew they’d go on to become waterfalls.

I wouldn’t miss them as much as I did the moment they rolled down my cheeks if I knew that someday, they would sustain the life of someone who feels the way I feel right now.

I wouldn’t regret the heartache I endured if I knew that somehow my sad song would play in the ears of someone who was at their breaking point.

I wouldn’t regret it if I knew they’d hear the story I left behind; written in heart ache and signed with bleeding fingers.

The breaths I struggle to take at night wouldn’t bother me so much if I knew that someone found me breathtaking.

If I knew that the lining of their lungs were painted with images of me.

Graffiti-ed walls that tell a story that words fail to articulate.

That wouldn’t bother me.

I wouldn’t mind the absence of the stars in my sky if I knew they were busy lighting up your world.

If I knew that the moon paused it’s smile for me just to give you a glance, I wouldn’t me mad.

I just want you to be happy

Even if that means I have to go without.

I don’t mind. 


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