Last night we talked and after our goodbyes I caught myself writing you poetry in the form of a smile

I put pen to paper to beautifully express how much you mean to me and how my heart totally screws up my inner melody because it skips beat after beat when you are near

I was so ready to write this beautiful piece but as my pen hit the sheet, my mind wouldn’t cooperate

I tried to arrange my words in a way that would perfectly describe how you make me feel but I came up blank

Because what I came to realize is that no word in the english language comes close to describing this feeling

Trust me, I read the dictionary from beginning to end…

Well not really cause I kind of just skimmed through it and stopped on “e” but somewhere between “euphoria” and “excited” I made my exit because such a word doesn’t exist

But I’m still smiling cause while words won’t suffice, I found an even better poem

One that was already written, especially for you

The smile across my face, priceless and worth more than any words could ever amount to, explains in full detail exactly what you mean to me

Exactly how you make me feel

So until Websters comes out with a new edition, I’ll continue reciting the same poem


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