You Move Me.

You move me.

You shake me and move me until I become alive again.
You fill the spaces in my lungs that once held air.

You have become the air I breathe.

You fill my chest and burst through my rib cage like morning. Bright, shining like the starry night above the place we call home.
You’ve captured me so beautifully.

Some have tried to paint me into pictures on blank canvases but my boldness never remains. Bouncing off their canvas and back into the world. They always fail to capture the real me.
But you’ve opened up my heart and dared me to believe again and I do.

I believe.

I believe in the love you’ve introduced me to. The love that allows me to be like Sunday mornings. Fresh and ready for the adventures ahead.
I sometimes wonder how I’m even alive because my heart is with you.
You were never a crook. You never had to steal my heart because I gently placed it in your hands and had faith that you’d take care of it.
For so long I’ve wanted to tell you this but when something is this real, it’s hard to put in into words.
So I vow to do my best by leaving you every morning with a simple “I love you”.


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