No one else is good enough for me because no one else is you.

I hate to admit it but I compare them all to you and they never quite measure up. I hate that. Why must I always go back to you?! I’ve met some great guys who probably could have treated me right. But it would have never been as right as you treated me. You were different.


Like sweet tea , shade and love on a perfect day, you made me feel at ease. Like I could jump into the ocean of your love and drown without fear because I knew I’d awake in your arms. Some of them touched me and gave me goosebumps. But unlike with you, I never felt their touch down to my bones. You had a way of touching me and leaving your finger prints etched on my mind. I t would be days later and I’d still feel your warmth. You touch was lasting. Some of them looked at me but you…you saw me. You stared into my brown eyes and saw what I couldn’t show them.  What I kept hidden behind that velvet veil of fear. Reserved for someone special. Someone who would be able to handle it. So far, you’ve been the only one special enough to see that part of me. Your lips, like pillows of softness and everything I ever wanted. They’re the only lips I remember.

It’s sad but no one is good enough for me because I can’t get over you. I wish I could just let go and move on but my nostrils won’t allow another scent to bring them back to happiness like yours did. My fingers don’t recognize anyone else’s skin. My heart doesn’t play the same song it played for you.

Beat. Beat. Beat. Skip. Beat.

So what am I to do now?

I tried to move on but you won’t let me!

You’ve still got this hold on me and until I find another who fills this cold void you’ve left, I’ll continue to caress these memories we made together.


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